Dismantling and transport of plastic injection machines from Germany to Poland

Location: Germany -> Poland
Term: November 2019
Scope of work: disassembly and transport injection molding machines

Photo report from the implementation

Disassembly and transport of plastic injection molding machines from Germany to Poland under time pressure

In November, the TINCORS team performed a comprehensive service of disassembly, removal from the hall and transport of injection molding machines to Poland. There were 7 KRAUSS MAFFEI and DEMAG injection molding machines to be transported.

The task was extremely complicated due to the short order execution time, the infrastructure of the production hall and the lack of technical documentation of individual machines.

To execute the order, we delegated 5 technicians, who already had experience in disassembling injection molding machines of the above manufacturers. Thanks to the vast knowledge and commitment of our technicians, we managed to disconnect and prepare to transport 7 machines in just 2 working days. The loading of machines and periphery has been divided into 7 specialized transports.

Despite the tight schedule and the lack of technical documentation, the project was carried out to the highest standards. All operations took place without major complications.

Machines and accessories used to complete the order

  • 8 ton class forklift.
  • Transport rollers.
  • Hydraulic jacks.
    Tools necessary to protect machines