R&D Department

R&D Department Mission

Research and Development Department at Tincors develop and introduce innovative solutions in industrial machinery transport. Our specialists carry out industrial research to develop new products or significant improvements in current solutions.

Main tasks of R&D Department

The main task of the R&D department is to develop an innovative product, which is a set of independent transport rollers controlled by AI technology. Assembly companies are able to eliminate the human factor and significantly speed up work, while maintaining safety.

The scope of R&D works includes the following areas:

  • use AI to control the drive,
  • project of electric motors driving rollers,
  • dedicated software for managing and reading individual machine data,
  • implementation of strain gages that will allow to obtain measurements in real time,

Who belongs to the R&D Team?

The employees of the department include scientists, automation engineers and mechanics who deal with the heavy industry environment on a daily basis.

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